I cut up my card, why are there charges


So, a lot of the “dumb” people I speak with are just not well versed in the processes and rules we have in place. Or they’re at least onto something, but the details have them all fucked up. And sometimes, the customer will even… admit fault. It’s wild.

This guy called in because there’s charges on the account. Makes sense, it is a credit card after all. Online purchases were made. But, he’d cut up the card.

He said it as if “ahhh haha, gotcha, there can’t be charges, I cut it up” and asked how it happened.

“Completely understandable sir, so real quick, did you give us a call when you cut up the card so we could close it?”

“Well, no, but I did cut it up.”

“Well, the charges were made online, so the physical card wouldn’t be needed.”

“Oh. I should’ve called y’all, that’s my bad. What do we need to do to get this cleared up?”

Totally different caller. Kind, funny, no fuss, just got the thing paid off. Amazing what can happen when the customer is mature enough to realize their assumptions are incorrect.


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