Entitled Customer posted a very negative post on Instagram


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I work as an all around agent-sometimes I do phone calls, chats or other times, I manage our social media accounts. Today, I was working on the phones but my colleague who was working on the social media account asked for help.

So this guy had posted on Instagram how our company was discriminating people with disability. Today, he went to one of our stores and asked if he can get the shoes he likes in two different sizes (different size for left and right shoe in one pair). The sales associate said that we don’t do that and he posted a picture online of the store with a long message saying how we discriminate people like him and that it’s all about the money than the good.

Not all customers are right. I know it must be hard for them to buy shoes but the thing is, providing that kind of service makes a significant amount of loss cause it would cause shrinkage in inventory. Imagine how many people would do that and how many pairs of shoes would be thrown away just because they do not have a pair anymore. It’s also hard to manage shoes if they do not have pairs, specially if the company is large. We were really understanding and served him well but he just complains a lot. I think he just wants us to follow his demands.


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