Don’t scream at me because your deductible is what it is. You chose it!


I saw a post where the OP was venting about how people want them to change their deductible.
I go through something similar every day.
When you buy insurance from “FLO” or the StaTue of Liberty and other companies, you get to pick and choose what you want/need, and that includes picking what your deductible is.
The lower your monthly premium, the higher the deductible.
I am not an agent. I am not policy services. All I do is help people file claims. I am NOT responsible for the amount of your deductible.
No, I cannot waive it. No, I cannot change it. Hanging up on me and calling back to start over does not change anything.
No, you cannot call Policy Services and change your deductible and then call back to file the claim, if you already started a claim. If you have given me a Date Of Loss, that’s in the computer forever, your new deductible starts after midnight.
The insurance company always wins. I’m not disputing that.
But don’t yell at me. I am not responsible for your insurance policy coverage choices.


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The number of people who think I can lower their deductible is to damned high!