Couple of gems from the holiday sales


Context, escalation supervisor for furniture/home goods retailer you all know. Also on mobile.

Associate states that customer has an email promising a low clearance price on a lamp. They want permission for a price override since it’s coming up 4x in our system. I ask to have the email forwarded to me, and sure enough, just like 9/10 times this happens, the item on clearance was sold out and the rest of lamp colors we have left are full price. I stand firm because it’s clearly shown that only the one color is on clearance and it’s clearly sold out.

Associate tells me “well she’s just gonna order it and call back for the discount anyway” and disconnects. Ohhhhkay.

For the record, the cc God’s never smile on me like this (there’s roughly 80-100 people across the country doing my same job at the same time).

Maybe 30 minutes later a very sweet Associate who asks if I can please grant her a price override as the customer ordered a lamp this morning (it’s late afternoon) and it was supposed to be on sale…

I get super excited hoping it’s the same lamp. Yep! Same ugly old green and gold lamp, order placed 20 minutes ago. While I have the Associate noting the order I tell her that I’ve reviewed our promo email and *we are so very sorry* for the confusion, but please let your customer know that the lamp on clearance sold out this morning, and *unfortunately* the color she chose isn’t on sale. *I would be happy to cancel the order for you though* asshole customer finally gave up and kept the full price ugly lamp order.

I’m riding a high from that and then I have to take over a call from a Karen…

You may have possibly heard about all the supply chain issues.. customers never think that it applies to their order and do the most to get compensation for the delays.. which ok, if I had known that was a thing, I probably would too.

The thing is, there’s only so much we can give back before the order isn’t worth our energy and time. Also we only do it if the company is at fault, not the asshole customer.

Anyway Karen’s custom furniture was delayed a few months, because, supply chain. Karen received 15% back already for what really is a minor delay in custom furniture these days. That 15% is sorta on the high side and she doesn’t have much room left to beg for, not that it matters to me, but context.

Karen’s furniture comes in. Karen schedules her delivery. THE DAY BEFORE the scheduled delivery she calls ranting and raving stating that she talked to “Kara” the day before at my company and she PROMISED to change the delivery address 😤

Karen is ranting that she wants “Kara” PUNISHED. SHE LIED!! 😤😤😤 WHAT ARE YOU THE MANAGER GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?!?? 😤😤😤 SHE NEEDS TO BE PUNISHED 😤😤😤

Couple of things, no one named “Kara” ever accessed her order. The last time Karen called was 2 weeks prior to bitch about her bill and try to get free shipping.Our deliveries are done by a third party, so we couldn’t change it for her anyway. SHE CALLED THE DAY BEFORE DELIVERY TO DEMAND THAT IT BE DELIVERED TO AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT STATE! Meaning her delivery center has to send it back to us and we have to send it to the center in the state she just remembered that she lives in, after waiting for this order for months.


Well ma’am Karen, I would happy to make sure that the delivery center updates your address. 🥸

We go back and forth and I remain neutral and just keep repeating myself. Yeah bitch, you GET NOTHING.

You haven’t lived until a boomer Karen screams “go fuck yourself” and slams down a landline phone in your headset.

Are the fucking holidays over yet?


What do you think?

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