Callers spreading holiday “cheer”


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I work in a medical call center, and most of the people we deal with are doctors offices or patients. We have a ton of clicking around to do and a lot of notes to type, so if someone wants to chit chat a bit while I type things up I never really stop them. It’s a fun and interesting way to fill the 10-15 second gaps while I take notes.

I have decided to just not mention any holidays unless the person makes mention of them in the call. As someone who’s not big on holidays in general outside of Halloween, I always get annoyed when people say “happy ____” and there’s a good chunk of people who may not celebrate _____ holiday so I think it’s nicer to only being it up if they do and then respond in kind. If someone says “joyous Kwanzaa” “merry Christmas” “happy new year” etc I respond the same at the end of the call provided I remember what they said, or a “you as well” if they say it at the end. No confusion on holidays, no offense on picking the wrong one, and it makes the call feel “nicer” and “more personalized” and generally leaves patients with some warm fuzzy feelings. It’s not required by my job but it’s a nice touch to make sure patients know we don’t see them as a number. It’s a nicer in-between to me than just assuming everyone is onboard with any given holiday

Today got an older lady (65-70) on who was generally pretty pleasant, call was as “ideal” as possible and I didn’t have to fix anything to get the package we were setting up out. She chatted to me about some “plans for the holidays” (her words) and about what she was doing in preparation, and . Never mentioned a specific holiday, just “the holidays”. I just affirmed and responded with a passive “yeah getting everything coordinated is a tough task! I hope it goes well”.

I get to the end of the call, confirm details, and ask if she has any other questions. She responds “no” and I say “awesome we are all set the. I hope you enjoy the holidays and have a happy new year!” And as soon as “happy holidays slips out of my lips I get this person’s best impression of the howler card from Harry Potter.

“ItS mErRY ChRIsTMaS!!!!!” She screams into the mic before abruptly ending the call.

I sat in silence for a moment and was like ah yes. Really spreading that holiday cheer aren’t we.


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