Beware Of Bubble Bread And Pantyhose


Happy Sunday peeps! I’ve had two quite memorable calls in the last week ~ complete opposite ends of the spectrum. I work from home for a large retailer, and while it killed me to go back to customer service after trying to break free ~ somehow I always get sucked back into the matrix……….anyways I am super grateful to be working from home and have great (although expensive) insurance so back to customer service it is for awhile anyhow!

Last week a customer called me hysterically crying, before she ever spoke a word. In between sobs she tells me we sent her bubble bread, when **she asked for cookies. COOKIES. NOT COOKIE MIX. Ready made cookies!** She was completely in hysterics as to WHY would we send her bubble bread when she can’t cook!

I was so confused, I didn’t really know what bubble bread was, kept wondering if it was like monkey bread but I had no idea we even sold bread mix! She finally sobs out why she’s so upset. She’s blind, and she absolutely cannot cook, and WHY would we send her bubble bread when SHE ORDERED COOKIES. Not cookie mix. Cookies that were already made. WHERE ARE HER DAMN COOKIES.

I’m trying to get her to stop crying, I can fix this if she’d just stop crying. I’m also wondering how she knows what we send if she’s blind, and why this is making her cry instead of her just being annoyed and letting me resolve the issue. She finally spits out that she’s legally blind, she *has bubble bread already in the cabinet and now she has more she has to get rid of, and she finally lets it slip that she may have discussed bubble bread with the rep she spoke to.* (Normally, okay, not necessary to know except that she kept demanding to know why we sent something she couldn’t use and didn’t ask for.)

I’m ashamed to say it took me halfway through the call (of course apologetic the whole time but just confused as to the extreme reaction) before I finally realized she was terrified to cook, so her being sent something to bake just made her feel helpless and frustrated. I can’t imagine how I’d feel in her shoes and I felt terrible that a simple order mistake made her feel this awful.

I begged her to stop crying, I spent twenty minutes consoling her before she stopped crying. She didn’t even care that I fully refunded her, she was just upset she got something not safe for her to use. 20 minutes straight of hysterical sobbing, 9 minutes of her finally regaining her composure, a full refund processed, and constant reassurances that her cookies were absolutely on their way and were ready made, she did not have to cook them. I felt bad for her, but holy cow that was a lot. Like a lot, a lot. I could have used an hour lunch break after that one lol.


Just tonight I got a strange call from a guy who says he has two item #’s he wants me to check, he’s calling for his grandma. So they both turn out to be pantyhose. He wants me to go through, slowly, and let him write down exactly what the item description is. At first I think nothing of it, but as he keeps asking me to describe them and I keep having to repeat the words pantyhose I start to feel weird……and I’m thinking like okay this guy is pranking me.

He asks me to tell him what others we have, so I go to our website and start telling him what’s there. He wants me to read the review of one. I’m getting annoyed, he wanted me to read it word for word, and it was a huge paragraph, and the person had written the word pantyhose so many times I was like no, I can’t! I said no, I’m sorry, it’s too long, hold on please, just a minute. Well we are supposed to make sure they say yes first, we get coached if we don’t, but I wasn’t waiting for this creep to say yes. I put him on hold trying to figure out what I’m going to say next when I see myself back in Ready ~ he had instantly hung up lol.

I have a killer boss who called me a few minutes later after my last call trying to make sure I wasn’t traumatized. I’m not, thank goodness, I didn’t hear him doing anything weird thank God for small favors. And my boss laughed with me and then promptly told me I could look forward to the summer, when the guy who has a thing about toes calls in to ask us about our toes and what toe nail polish we are wearing………shudders. Oh goody!

WHY are guys so weird!!!! Please do not send me any weird PMs lol. Don’t waste your time.


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