Are you working overtime

Why the fuck do the elderly think that banks only have branches? Do they really think that in the age of 24/7 everything, that the only thing banks have are brick and mortar branches?

And the fucking gall of these assholes who need to go the way of the dinosaur.

“Hi, my name is Kvinnor, I’m calling from [employer], may I speak with [customer]?”

“Hwat”, says the voice of someone who hasn’t been able to walk without trouble for longer than I’ve been alive.

I repeat myself, loudly and slowly, since these kind of customers can’t adjust their phone volume or bother to get a hearing aid.

“Oh, you must be working overtime”

“No sir, my shift ends at 8pm”

“Well the banks have been closed since 5”

“Well I work in a call center sir”

“Well where is this call center” as if he’s got me by the short hairs because I must ever so clearly be a liar.

“[Location], but if you don’t believe me sir, you can call us back tomorrow between [business hours]” said just as slowly and loudly as can be done without sounding like fucking Sloth.

“Well you just lied to me!”

“Uh what”

“You said you’re not working overtime but your hours are [business hours]!”

“I said those were our business hours tomorrow boss”

“You have a problem”


He wasn’t even the fucking customer. He was just some old fuck who should go get lost in the fucking woods since the modern world doesn’t track with his old school ways. But no, call someone a liar because you’re deaf. Everyone else has the problem, not the old fuck who can’t even understand the concept of a “bank call center”. No, it’s not you that’s failed to adapt like other people in your generation. No, it’s clearly the person who corrected your deaf ass when you insulted them. Not even rudely, just a “hey, this is what I actually said”.

Wasn’t even a call for you. Just say no and go back to waiting to shuffle off your mortal coil and keep your bitterness to your own goddamn self.

Edit: I’m editing this because a lot of y’all are taking a post written hours after as if that’s what I was thinking on the call and as if I’d let that leak into the call in the first place. After getting called a liar when I wasn’t lying (literally part of the abuse I got growing up, but that doesn’t actually matter since my troubles aren’t an excuse to behave like an ass towards others), I still tried to clarify.

I continued to be courteous and professional, and actively talked in a way that hurts my throat since it’s such a different way of talking for me so he could hear. Even after I felt that flare of rage that comes up when someone calls me a liar with no other cause than their own fucked perception, I still kept calm. I tried to clarify, and I was outwardly calm. I’ll take 5 after the call to be angry.

If “you don’t know their struggle” was an excuse to treat people like shit, we’d all be able to tell customers to go fuck themselves. Except its not, and we can’t. Because it’s a shitty thing to do. And no, my trauma isn’t justification for these negative thoughts, he didn’t know so how can I really hold that all against him? My feelings are real though. And I wanted to get them out of my head cause that’s a bad place for that kind of anger and hate to fester.

Hope y’all have pleasant callers.

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