Accidentally told a customer off by habit


First time poster here, just want to say your stories get me through a lot of bad days at work. Knowing I’m not crazy for disliking the micromanagement and the Karens really helps lol.

Anyway, so I work for a credit card department. Lady comes in asking to send her a new card because the expiry date is coming up and she hasn’t received the new one yet. So I start asking her some authentication questions so that I may assist her. She answers incorrectly to a few questions, and as per our procedure, I inform her that for her safety, we won’t be able to assist her over the phone and she’ll have to step into a branch.

As per the Karen way, she flips out on me and demands I ask her more questions or give her access to her account. Let her know that that was a no can do, and that it really is for the protection of her personal accounts. So she demands a supervisor, and we have clear rules that if a customer fails authentication, a supervisor will not make any exceptions. So again, I told her that I won’t be transferring her, i did apologize once more, and then referred her to a branch.

As the polite person she is, she said: “Fine then, good for nothing. Eat sh*t!”

And being numb to these types of outbursts, I said “You too, have a nice day! 🙂 ”



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Ah. You’re THAT customer.