Work life balance


Such a freaking lie. They give us terrible hours and don’t allow us to change the schedule. They don’t give us paid time off and even when we ask for time off they wait until that month. Even if we ask at the beginning of the year and it’s not until way late they still make us wait. It’s always it’s a scheduling thing. Well maybe if you treated us better the turn over rates wouldn’t be so freaking high. Also quality over quantity. You can’t preach quality and write people up over acw times. Also the customers are terrible entitled spoiled idiots. How am I supposed to get a great call from someone who called in looking for a fight. My job gave us a raise during the pandemic and now I’m closer to making below the national average than poverty so I guess that’s something. We still have to work obscene hours to even think about making a decent check. I’m tired of complaining to my co workers so I’m here. Is it just me or does your job corporate call in and pretend to be customers? My old job would do it but they would tell us at the end of the call. This new job has people call in that know wayyyy to much even if they were die hard customers.


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