Why I hate dealing with the DMV in Florida


Former car insurance agent, I worked in a regional call center in Florida. A little background, this particular call ended up being escalated to me from a trainee and the female caller was irate. She was extremely rude, screaming, upset you name it. It did take me quite a while to calm her down enough to get the story and the whole call took place over the course of approx 2.5 hours. (AHT went out the window on this call) I’m going to try to streamline the story a bit so it isn’t a novel but it will still be a bit long.


When the call was transferred all I heard at first was screaming cussing, accusations of incompetence, etc. I kept talking to her and trying to calm her down and get the info I needed. Once I verified her I tried to find out the problem. By this point, about 20 min in, she was calm enough to tell me the problem, which was she felt we were incompetent. I saw in her policy notes that we had sent the DMV proof of coverage 5 times and a letter stating that she had no lapse in coverage, as well as several other letters to the DMV.


The lady was upset because she had been driving her 3 kids somewhere when she was pulled over, yanked out of her car for no registration, driving without insurance, and driving on a suspended license. The entire time that was going on her kids (all under 5 years of age) were panicking and screaming. Of course, she’s upset over that! According to her once she finally got home her kids were so freaked out that they wouldn’t go more than a foot or two away from her for days.


She called in screaming because she had thought all of this had been resolved with the DMV or she would not have driven; the agent she spoke with a few days prior assured her everything was fixed. I could see in the notes that she was accurate. The prior agent had noted that they sent the letter and everything was fine. well, I guess not because I ran her registration while on the phone and still saw that it was suspended, etc. Since she had called in 6-7 times trying to resolve this before getting to me; I thought this was ridiculous. I decided to conference call the DMV. I told her flat out this was going to take a while since I was calling the DMV, was she willing to stay on the line that long? She agreed so I called.


About 45 minutes later (and me sending multiple letters and forms in the meantime) someone picks up. I advise who I am and that I have the policyholder on the line and what the problem is. I state that multiple forms had been sent confirming coverage etc by me and others and that I wanted to see what the issue was with fixing it on their side. The DMV worker then says “oh, I saw them. I just didn’t feel like fixing it; it takes too long.” W..T..F..?!?!?!?!? SERIOUSLY???? This woman is paid to process these papers but *didn’t feel like* *it*?! Because of this woman (can’t curse on the line or be unprofessional) a mother and her kids went thru hell and were terrified! I. Was. Pissed. I got the woman’s info and said that I had resent everything and that I was staying on the line until I could confirm a clear registration. The DMV woman begrudgingly fixed it, I confirmed it and disconnected the DMV from the call.


I flat out apologized to the woman and told her that I had never heard such incompetence before. (shouldn’t have said it, would have gotten in trouble if a manager heard that) She was relieved everything was fixed and I emailed her proof that it was fixed (letters from my company and a copy of the DMV site.) so she could fight the ticket etc in court. I will say that 2 of the agents she had spoken to before were lazy/inexperienced so they didn’t send what was needed but the others did send what was needed well before her police experience.

All of this because some woman at the DMV didn’t *feel* like doing her job.


*edit; forgot to mention that I had a manager file a complaint against the woman from the DMV for this crap. don’t know how it ended for her, only that a complaint was filed.


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