The McDonald’s test

So, my basic thing is: if youre interacting with someong doing their job and the type of question would be fucking retarded to ask inside of a mcdonalds, odds are it would just fucking retarded to ask anywhere else.

Like, you expect that McDonald’s properly trains their guys on how to change a $20 after factoring in the cost of a mcnugget.

You dont expect that they instruct their guys on why, despite a 4piece being on their dollar menu, they dont account for sales tax in the advertisement.

Youd think that their employees would able to tell you identify their own manager.

You dont expect that theyd be able to identify their cfo

Weirdest thing is that (especially dependent upon how much theyve taken America’s customer coddling to heart) they act like theyre presenting you with something. Like Scotland Yard handing some great case to a young Sherlock

But nah, youre getting the company line. Its like some these mfs think like you’re worried about disappointing some kid wearing a call center jersey with your name on it.

Sorry Kobe Bryant doesnt work in this department.

What do you think?

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