Something’s gotta give


So I’ve been with my employer since August 2020 and in that time, the calls I get went from 5-10 a day when I started to now it’s anywhere from 25-45 depending on what day of the week (even had over 50 one day). We can see how many calls we’ve taken — 420 in February, 540 in March and 593 in April. And we’re not talking 2 minute calls, these are often 10-25 minutes each. Myself and others have been telling management for months that we need more people on calls — they hired 9. We need double, if not triple that. I’m to the point where every call that comes in, I have to hold back from yelling at the customer or telling them to shut up and stop interrupting me. Close to refreshing my resume and looking for another job that doesn’t involve heavy customer interaction. Only downside is those don’t pay as well as this does, but my mental health is taking a toll from it. I’m stressed out, I get anxiety attacks from dealing with the constant bullshit and no matter what I say to the higher-ups, they don’t do jack shit about anything. I’ve given up telling them anything because it’s been proven all they care about is numbers and our metrics. Can’t say the name outright, but if you have cell phone insurance, same company but different dept


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