How many weeks are there in a month?


So… ISP higher level tech support. Customer had an issue, it was fixed to the day 2 weeks after the first call log from first line. And, she wanted us to call back two weeks after the fix date to talk about getting some money back. So I did, and she tells me that she’d been having the problem for seven and a half weeks total, yeah, no you didn’t. Not even up ‘til today, when it’s been fixed for two weeks already. But since you say you visited the store first, which is never documented, fine, I’ll round it up for you: I will give you a month of full fees, whatever.

“What? That is totally unacceptable! Some months are three weeks, some are three and a half…. I want at least FOUR WEEKS!”

Ok. Four weeks it is.


What do you think?

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