He threatened to horse whip us

This happened about a year ago, as COVID began. I’m recording the voicemails and this man leaves one enraged about a price increase, accusing of gouging and threatens to come and horse whip us.

We call back all voicemails so I’m dreading that one, but definitely not doing it right away.

I go into emails and see that he’s written a lengthy rage induced email as well about price gouging and what he’s going to do. It’s threatening. He’s definitely going too far.

And then there’s a screen shot of the product included and I see the issue.

He’s mistakenly changed the currency from USD to CAD (Canadian dollars) on the website. The price hasn’t increased at all.

So we reply very nicely and matter of factly and point that out.

He later replies: “My sincerest apologies.”

What do you think?

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