Hi guys. Its been two moths since i posted [THIS](

I have finally quit my job in the call center after little more than 3 years. I still dont feel like I have quit and that I wont have to take calls from these terrible people. I know its probably going to take me a few days to finally realize this but I guess the job was so bad my brain cant move on right away. Regarding the relationship issues they are solved, all my problems till now, arguments with my girlfriend, or me just being depressed while in her presence were all because of the mental damage I have received working long term In a call center. I cant thank my girfriend enough for being with me in my till now darkest moments. I never felt this bad from work before yet she still stayed and tried to make me happy with every ounce of herself.

Some may ask did I went to therapy, and the answer is no. Im not sure why I didnt go but I did in some way found a way to feel much better. I started model building/ painting tanks, I also started going to countryside where I would renovate my house (cleaning, demolishing, painting, building etc.). These things helped and I continued to do them since they are in a way a hobby and change of work till I find a new job. Im going to continue doing these things ofcourse and im taking interest in starting blacksmithing as well.

Im really grateful alot of you guys replied and tried to help in any way possible altough you are far away. This is a great community for sharing stories and helping others and I hope it stays that way.

Thank you all once again !


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