Being rude and impatient won't get your the answers you want

Brief backstory: I am a Member Services Rep for a dental insurance company. Good pay, good benefits.  Never any complaints towards management and coworkers. Only complaint I have are these damn calls….Especially during open enrollment. And just to add more, I live in FL.

Had to share this “lovely call” I had today:  

Had a office rep and his mother, whom a dental provider as well. Both were wanting to know more knowledge about root canals for the FL Medicaid Adult plan. Both were very impatient at the beginning, so I can already tell this was going to be wasting everyone’s time. Plus this happened right before I was clocking out for the day.


Me: auroraash8

SoBK: Spawn of Bitchy Karen

BK: Bitchy Karen

Me: Thank you for calling member services, this is auroraash8 speaking. How many I assist you today?

SoBK: Hey just a quick question: for any adults that have FL Medicaid, will root canals be covered?

*FOR HERE IN FL, Any adults that have the FL Medicaid plan, root canals are not covered. It is public knowledge.(trust me I know Medicaid is full of surprises in any state)

Me: I apologizes but what is the name of the office you’re calling from and the address?

SoBK: (While mutter under his breath to his mother) Jeez can this chick just answer a question?

Already feeling irritated and tired and of course knowing this is one of my final calls of the shift, I felt compelled to make a professional yet smartass remark so he and his mother can know I am all ears,

Me: Sir? Since it is public knowledge, for the FL Medicaid adult plan, root canals are not covered. Its only covered for the Child plan.

BK: So does that mean you can still refer our patients out to a specialist


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