A Completely Reasonable Request

Narrator: *it wasn’t*

Working for a small credit union, working on loans as the primary job. At any financial institution you will sadly come across CPI (Collateral Protection Insurance). It’s not normally a cordial conversation. We’re talking the level of potentially a few thousand dollars of additional money being added to your loan.

Now it’s generally known that it’s illegal to not have insurance on your vehicle as you’re actively driving it which is the reason why. Also protecting collateral. We attempt two letters, two phone calls with messages, and a final certified letter. It’s a three month process of waiting. 99% of people never contact us until it’s added.

We’ve streamlined how we handle these calls to the point that if someone is angry they won’t be any more because you tell them what likely happened (their insurance never contacted us/listed us as a lienholder) and you can either email us the information or have an insurance agent verbally confirm with *our* insurance company and it’s done. It’s removed as though it never existed.

So here I have Mr. Reasonable (MrR) and me (me).

Me: “Thank you for calling credit union, Me speaking, what can I do for you?”

MrR: “I’m calling about this ‘force placed insurance’?”

Note that we’ve since created a department specialized to take these calls it’s so common. They don’t work on weekends and close earlier than the rest of us.

Me: “Sure let me get you pulled up.” Verifies information. “Okay it just looks like we never received verification of insurance.”

MrR: “Okay but how are you going to fix this?”

Me: “Unfortunately I am unable to, this is something that comes from your insurance company.”

MrR: “This sounds like it’s going to be a lot of work. I’m going to need to be paid to do this.”

I thought he was joking. Pretty much everyone does when they are told what to do since it’s genuinely so effortless to fix. MrR continued stating that of course he’s had insurance, they’ve had it since day one, etc., and I realized he wasn’t joking.

Me: “You… actually want to be paid to call your insurance?”

MrR: “Yes! I shouldn’t have to waste my time doing something that should have been completed when I first got the car!”

Me: “I agree entirely, but unfortunately either the dealership did not contact your insurance to do this (not uncommon) or your insurance did not do it either.”

MrR: “I don’t see how that’s my problem.”

Me: “You’ve… had money added to your loan. Do you not want it back?”

MrR: “I’m not paying that, I’m disputing this with my bank immediately!”

I don’t know what he meant by that. I guess in case he made a payment?

From here it goes back and forth between him being upset that it’s not fixed, and me telling him that he has to because literally he’s the only one who can. Saying it’s illegal, me reminding him it’s illegal to not prove insurance, that he signed *two* forms which includes the security agreement that he must do this.

MrM: “You can really tell when the bank is in control- the bank has the power, you can always tell when they’re cordial or snarky, or-”

Me: “MrM I was very cordial in the beginning. Then you demanded we pay you a wage to do one thing.”

MrM: “Well I never got any phone calls! I’ll give you my history, I didn’t get anything in the mail!”

Me: “I said earlier that we send a final letter certified.”

MrM: “That doesn’t matter! It could have gotten lost!”

Me: “We have a tracking number. It was delivered to your address on this date. We can follow exactly where it was scanned at all times and sent through.”

MrM: “YOU CAN’T MAKE SWEEPING ACCUSATIONS LIKE THAT! You can’t promise that they didn’t just put it in a different mailbox, or someone didn’t just take it!”

… then why are you arguing with me and not immediately calling the police that someone is stealing your mail, including potential banking information.

Around this point I noticed the call was nearing the 15 minute mark, and I got real with him, due to some very delicious irony.

Me: “MrM, you’ve been arguing with me for longer than it would have taken if you had just done what was asked. I am not joking, you have spent more effort arguing with me. If you have their app you could have pressed three buttons and it’d be done.”

MrM: “That doesn’t matter! It’s the principal of the matter! It should have been taken care of already! I’m not going to do this- I’m not some compliant robot!”

Me: “You’re clearly not a compliant human, either.”

MrM: “Oh you’re a real piece of work, you’re a real–” *they hang up*

Am I worried about getting in trouble? No. There are some things he said which I dare not repeat. He claimed I was making things personal and attacking him during the call. Honestly it’s mostly just really sad.

What do you think?

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