Why is it so confusing


This is less of a story and more of a question on why customers do this.

Why is it so rare when customers know the difference between a debit and credit card?

Why is it so unusual for me to assume that they have enough common sense to understand the difference between using your debit and your checking account?

Why do 90% of my customers assume those things are one and the same?

When somebody says they want to pay with their checking account they read me the number on their card. And vice versa when I want their card number they will read me the checking account.

And then there’s the customers that call in to pay with a credit card. And we can’t take credit payments over the phone (but we do take debit over the phone) so we transfer them over to our credit line. But before I transfer them they get confused why I have to get them over to a credit line when they want to pay with debit. But they didn’t say debit they said credit

I can understand if maybe it was one person that was tired that day and wasn’t paying attention. But that doesn’t explain why it’s 90% of all our customers


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