Today is annoying me.


Them- I can’t get that refund expedited?

Me- NO.

Them- But I have an apartment AND a mortgage.

Them- Why was the expedited refund get denied?

Me- Because billing reps abide by rules.

Them- But why?

Me- Reads the internal ticket with all the internal gibberish verbatim.

Them- Can I get another rep?

I’m so sorry you didn’t keep up your home well enough to sell it? Or I’m sorry you can’t keep an on trend kitchen or bathroom? Or I’m sorry your lawn sucks?

Ugh I’m done with today. I really don’t care for dumb people at all. And a lot of them seem to be in their 40s.


What do you think?

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Today was really rough

“I told you I wanna lower my bill, why would you give me prices for the highest package?!”