Sometimes I wonder if they’re just here to argue


Chat support:

Me: We need to escalate the issue for more investigation, over to phone support who has the tools needed for that.

Cx: So you all have no idea what’s going on or how to fix it?

Me: That typically is why there’s a need to investigate. Some issues aren’t solved by usual troubleshooting, so it needs more observation, hence the need for escalation.

Cx: Ok, so you have no idea what to do.

Me: We do. Escalation to engineers.

Cx: Yeah, but you’re doing that because you don’t know what to do.

Me: Exactly. You have a problem. You came to us for help. We couldn’t solve it… yet. So, we’re not gonna stop helping you and turn you away, because we can’t and don’t do that to customers. You sought us out for help, so we’re doing that, but we can’t progress if we don’t have your consent to have this escalated. We can’t just set up a call without your permission.

Cx: I’m bringing this to a store.

Me: Not all issues are solvable in store. We know what to do, we have a plan, we just need to work with you. Your issue needs escalation, not a repair store visit.

Cx: Maybe the store will know what to do.

Me: They don’t, they don’t handle these, otherwise I’d have given the go signal for you to do so already. You’ve spent enough time on this already, we’re literally showing you the best course here.

Cx: Ok, but you don’t know how to fix it.

This went on for like 15 minutes, and then about 4 minutes of them bitching they’re unavailable right now hence why they chatted and me repeating 3 times they can either call later or request a scheduled callback, all before they timed out.


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