Pls stop talking for a minute


People are RIDICULOUS!! 🤬 How can you get upset with me for trying to kindly interrupt you to answer YOUR questions after I let you rant for 2~3 minutes because you’re understandably upset??? I am compassionate and I hear how upset you are, and I’m sorry but I will not sit here for longer than a few minutes to just listen to you say the same thing over and over again that you’ve already said and that I’ve already acknowledged are your concerns and have shown vocal willingness to answer your questions. I did try to answer her question, but then she interrupts ME and starts ranting all over again for a few minutes before I tried to kindly interrupt her. STOP TALKING and listen to me for 2 seconds. Then she gets upset that I interrupted her say the same freaking thing she’s said several times and wants to speak to a supervisor. Fine, waste more of your time not getting your own questions answered 🙄


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