Just need to vent about calls

So, so, so tired of:

-“Well, I’m their wife of 20 plus years, you can tell me anything!”—-Ma’am, HIPPA doesnt care about how long you’ve been married.

-“Oh, you’re young, so you dont understand what menopause/chronic illness/how the world works!”——–I literally am in early onset menopause, have a chronic illness, and, yes, I know how the world works, but apparently you dont know to have your insurance card with you when you call your insurance company, so I’m questioning whether you DO know how the world works.

-*inbound call*”WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME!?!?!”——-Sir, you called me? (I have said this and it calmed the person down. Shocker.)

-“Why dont you tell me what information you have on file and I’ll tell you if its right!”——Sir, if you’re that protective over your information, then wouldnt you be worried that I’d just give out your information to anyone that says that? You can’t be in control of every call and expect everyone to just bow to tour wishes, although, I’ll agree, it probably works for you 90% of the time because you’re a piece of shit.

-“I DON’T HAVE TIME TO TALK!”——Then, why did you answer the phone?

Theres more but I’m already so mentally exhausted from today. Thanks for letting me rant.

What do you think?

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