I know what you’re doing sir…


So this happened to me about a year ago when I worked for a call center that helps people find resources in the state. I worked the evening shift, basically 2pm-10pm.

M- me C-caller

M: Thank you for calling —–, this is ——, how can I help you tonight?

C: [deep breathing] Yeah, I need help finding somewhere to go for my sex addiction.

M: Okay, so I do not have anything as specific as that but I can find you resources for counseling/therapy near you.

C: [grunting and heavy breathing] that’s okay can you just keep talking to me? You sound nice.

M: Unfortunately I cannot due to other people needing assistance, so if there is nothing I can help you with, I hope you have a great day. [End call]

I am positive that man was pleasuring himself during the phone call. Mind you, on the phone I sound like I am 10 years old and I have a permanent stutter so I have no idea what part of that made him….. good to go.


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