I have a particular set of skills.


Story is truncated for length and conversation is altered for humor, but you get the point.

Around 2008 in had been working for A TnT Youverse. A US based company with US clients, but I was in Canada.

As usual an irate caller gets on the line.
“Thank you for calling A TnT Youverse, my name is isadork my ID is 123abc. How can I help you today?”

Customer: “Where is your call center?”

“We are just outside of Detroit.”

“I want my mundane well overblown issue resolved right away at not cost and someone will come to my house or I will come to you…and I will kill you Isadork!”

“Alright sir we are starting a bit strong on this one, let’s settle down and we will see what I can do to help.”

“Don’t tell me to calm down I know where you work and I will *ucking come to your life office and shoot yoy!”

(we were trained to hang up at his previous comment of violence, but honestly I was bored, wanted to play it out. I was on my 2 weeks notice time anyways.)

*look up address on Google streetview from his account details after more threats of violence and authenticating his account.*

Me: “That is a really nice dodge ram lava red truck you have. You should get your tires replaced though, they seem a little bare.”

“What? Are you watching me?”

“You should also replace your front bay view window shades, you have a few broken shades.”

“How do you know? Are you watching through my TV? *uck you man. I’m throwing it all away now I’m done.”

*crashing noises in the background.*

“Have a great day sir at 1234 street name avenue. Credit card ending in 1234.”


Be carefull who you are mean too, when you call your provider, remember they have all your information, and you have a likely fake first name and definitely a fake address.


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