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Ok so customer told me i sounded “snotty and abrupt” when answering her questions. Hurt my feelings bc this is just my normal voice when im talking about something practical or mundane. I am direct and I do not sugarcoat anything. I just say what it is, and we work in a high (legal) compliance department. I can only provide certain information and i wind up repeating myself a lot bc I only have so much I can say.

I guess I don’t have a “sweet, accomdating” customer service voice? But I don’t plan on developing one either bc all the times I’ve tried it was:

1. An open invitation to be treated like absolute garbage

2. Extremely degrading.

3. An INCREDIBLE amount of effort. Bc its not my natural voice or way of speaking.

I think really im looking for validation or advice bc i feel so hurt by that customers comment. Honestly, I usually dont get comments like these but im worried by not having a “sweet voice” im being rude to more other people? I don’t want to be rude but I don’t wanna open myself to being hurt by being “nice” all the time to people who are just gonna be mean anyway bc i literally can do NOTHING abt most of their issues due to the kind of work we do (not a normal customer service team).


What do you think?

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