The time I insulted the intelligence of a woman with a university degree


First time posting here. I work a call center job for an ISP, and I have an abundant amount of stories to tell involving the entitled and outrageous people I speak to on the daily.

This story comes from the time I was working the general customer service line, for people with general queries about their services, bills, etc. I’d received a call from a woman asking for an update on her application and why it was taking so long to get her connected. I did a thorough check through our system, but we legitimately didn’t have an application from her at all. She started raising her voice, asking what became of the bank details she entered into our website’s application form and how we’ve somehow set her up for potential fraud. As per our company’s policy at the time, I had to take her details and create an account for her just to file her complaint, and asked her to send in the email she received confirming that her application was submitted to us.

Two days later, I receive an email from her with two attachments. She has submitted an email verifying that she’s created an online profile on our website, but nothing to confirm that an actual application for broadband services had been sent to us. What did she send instead, you ask? Well, you know how whenever you complete a form online, and it gives you a summary of the details you’ve entered before you click “Submit” or “Continue” to complete it? Yeah, she sent me that.

I called her back and told her she did not properly submit an application, and has only sent me a screenshot of the summary of her application. She denied this, saying that the summary page was evidence enough that she’d done everything expected of her. I told her that, unless she clicked “Submit” (which she’d omitted from the screenshot), we would have never received her application in the first place.

“Are you saying that I’m stupid?” she asked me in a very snarky tone. She then went on to tell me that she has a university degree and can’t be stupid, and that I need to “do my job” and fill in an application on her behalf using the details she sent me in the screenshot. I told her that this would be a breach of data protection, plus even if it was my job to do this, I didn’t have all of the details needed to process an application. She then has the audacity to ask what happened to her bank details once more, since she clearly entered them into the form. I reminded her that she never submitted her application, therefore her bank details have gone nowhere. The call ended with her saying she’s going to bad-mouth the company on social media and will never consider us again.

I mean, good riddance. Simply having a university degree doesn’t make someone immediately intelligent…I wouldn’t be surprised if the degree in her possession was stolen from someone else. I never called her stupid, but I was certainly thinking it.


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