Restaurant Phone Customer Service really makes no sense

Edit: I let my frustration out too much

I’m a customer service rep from home for a super large Drive in famous for their footlongs and slushes. That should give you a hint.
We handle general customer complaints, employee complaints or asking for w-2s, and crisis calls (like..maybe an employee made a bomb threat) or issues with their mobile app.
The last three I named makes perfect sense to me and is actually doing something. I love helping it’s why I love customer service in the first place. But..
Doing general customer complaints- makes NO logical sense to me or even the people who call us and makes the customers way more upset.
All we do for customer complaints is we document what the customer said, and it auto generates an email to that particular drive in on what happened.
That’s it.
We can offer coupons but only if they have the app downloaded. At the end of day the “Totline” -they sell tater tots- makes customers angrier.
If a customer was missing ketchup on their cheeseburger for instance. A manager is always on duty and would be happy to ACTUALLY fix the situation by offering their order be remade or giving them a physical coupon.
We on the other hand- can’t help you.
I absolutely enjoy doing the other calls… But as far as customer complaints, all we are going to do is send an email to the restaurant thay they forgot to put ketchup on Sally’s cheeseburger. Or they didn’t give someone enough napkins.

Customers THEMSELVES don’t even know the point. They say “so… What are you gonna do about it??!!?” And the last thing they want to here is “well… I’m going to send them an email telling them they forgot to give you napkins” ( I say it more professional obviously) which is the truth. It’s only a documentation line and has no real value to the customer except we can give you a coupon that you have to buy something to even get.
Frustrating that they market it as a custom service line when in reality we don’t do basically anything for our customers unless they purchase from us in the future for coupons to work.

What do you think?

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