“I need to speak with a supervisor, immediately”


I work at a call center for a large insurance company. A couple weeks ago my company had this ridiculous woman who kept calling over and over for about a week. Whenever a rep would answer she would just ask to speak with a supervisor. Then as soon as the rep would start asking more clarifying questions or whatever she would just hang up. She did have an auto insurance policy, which would pop up when she called due to her phone #.

(It wasn’t a bot, this was verified)

During a few day period, she would call, literally about 40 times a day. Every time the CSR would answer, and this woman would say the exact same thing “I need to speak with a supervisor.”

Usually, because of our training, the rep on the line would try to get more info out of her to see if she’d give it and let them help. She would just hang up.

After hanging up, the cycle is would continue. She’d call again a few mins later, then hang up as soon as someone asked what she needs.

I only know about all this because I’m able to listen to people’s calls. A couple reps she got would even say “ok one moment I’ll see if a manager is available,” and she would just immediately hang up. Then she’d call again and say the same thing, “I need to speak with a supervisor.”

One rep I listened to the call of went like this:

“Thank you for calling “_____” can I get your name?”

“I need to speak to a supervisor, immediately if not sooner.”

“Ok, can I get your name?”


“Then I don’t have a supervisor for you.”

“Then fuck you” *click*

Idk what she needed but she was a crazy bitch


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