Creepy Callers


“Thank you dear”

“Okay sweetheart”

“You have such a nice friendly voice”

“You sound so sweet”

“You have my email there don’t you? Keep in touch now!”

These are just a few of the weird things some male callers have said to me in the past week alone. It’s so weird to me because they have literally no idea how old I am or what I look like! I usually ignore it but on my last call today I was on a conference with another female rep and a male customer…the customer kept talking about how he wanted to commit violent acts against his exes new boyfriend. He continued to brag about how many guns he owned and how much money he made at his work. Then he was trying to hit on the other female rep and I; it really creeped us out. How have you handled creepy callers, male or female?


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