Crazy lady

TL;DR (because this is long, sorry) Caller blows up and threatens physical and sexual harm to me because I had the audacity to suggest she call a number directly vs calling me to transfer her.

So, starting near the end of July I started getting calls for a particular company/client I handle for my job and it’s a woman saying the call dropped or something and asking me to transfer her call to a certain number.

First couple of times I get her I went ahead and transferred her call – once just because I was confused and didn’t want to push and the other was because it was right as we closed…. Mind you during the first transfer I had asked a few questions and gathered that she has no accounts with us at all and rather has something with the main company. We deal with stock so it’s an issue of her wanting to speak with X company vs us who deal with X company’s stock. Thought it was weird, not my job and didn’t want to start an argument, but also didn’t want to stay after hours to deal with it so I just did the transfer.

Fast forward about a week after and I get her again and this is how it roughly went…

Me: Hello, my name is <First/Last>. How may I help you? (Yes we are required to give both, yes I hate it)

Crazy lady: yea, I was being transferred and the call dropped. I need you to transfer me again.

Me: (immediately recognized her) okaaaaayyy….

CL: *flipping through papers mumbling about finding the number*

Me: Ma’am, just to confirm you are not calling to speak about an account with <my company>?

CL: Yes, I am. I need to speak with X company department about my account.

Me: Okay, well this is not X company. This is <my company> for X company’s share owners. We are not directly part of X company and we are unable to assist with those accounts.

CL: (still looking for the phone number and driving up my AHT) If you don’t help/transfer me I’ll report you to X company blah blah blah.

Me: Well, ma’am as we have established, you do not have an account with us and I need to be available to those that do. When you find the number you are looking for you can simply dial them directly at your convenience. (I thought I was being pleasant and reasonable)

CL: Look here you cunt, you will transfer me to this number.

Me: Ma’am I will not tolerate that language and it’s against company policy to do transfers like this as you are not our client.

CL: You lying bitch. Other have been transferring me. Blah blah blah.

Me: This is your second warning, I will not tolerate that language. As I mentioned you can call X company about your account when you locate the number. There is no need for <my company> to be involved.

CL: (more cursing before saying she wants to bash my head in with a hammer, yes she escalated that quick)

Me: As I mentioned, that will not be tolerated and I will release the line.

CL: (more cursing and threats to my head and my windows being bashed in before she finally hangs up)

Me: *chats sup* hey have we gotten any reports on callers from X company’s line? This just happened… (I take a deep breath and move on because what else can I do)

*X company’s line rings, I answer with my required intro*

CL: Is this the cunt? You lying ass bitch. I hope someone bashes your head in…

Me: As I’ve mentioned I will not tolerate the language and will release the line you have a great evening.

CL: *hangs up before I can*

Me: *chats sup* Hey FYI I got her again and I don’t care what the policy is, I’m hanging up immediately when she talks like that. I’m not giving her three warnings. (Sup says she gets it and says that’s fine based on the situation)

CL continues to call repeatedly for the last hour and continues spouting verbal abuse and threats as soon as she hears my name/voice while I continue to remind her it’s inappropriate and wish her a wonderful evening (killing with kindness ya know?) Sup on the late shift sends it off to be reviewed (late Friday night so the people with the power to do something are gone) and I figured it’s covered. Get a small update at start of the next week saying she was blocked from our system. Great, one less crazy to deal with….

Couple weeks pass with no issue until last week and guess who’s calling again? Same CL, right after I say my name she’s back act it. This time however she stuck to calling me a bitch/cunt/pig, making pig noises before hanging up, and telling me she wants me to be raped.

WTF is wrong with these people? Pretty sure she got a kid involved too because the pig/oinking call was a slightly higher voice and seemed less sure, but came from the same number following a dead air call again from their number.

What do you think?

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