What’s one of your favorite calls that you can remember and one of your difficult calls?

For background, I work for AAA. And by seriously, I mean what is that one call where you seriously couldn’t believe someone

I don’t have a specific call that was my favorite. I just love when we get members that call in to complement us or the drivers. We had one today that called in because she wanted us to know that whenever she calls us, we’re always friendly amd helpful. I love it.

As for my difficult call, this actually happened about 3 years ago when I first started as a dispatcher. We had just been hit with the biggest snow storm our area had seen in years. I’m talking several feet of snow.

I had planned to get up early so I could leave early. Well I did leave over an hour early. But I ended up being 20 minutes late because it took so long to get unstuck. Only reason it didn’t take longer was because we were blessed enough to have a snow blower.

To help you understand how busy we were, when I walked into the office, I was immediately told to just start calling members and tell them the ETA was at least 3/4hours. When I logged into the system, we had pages of calls just sitting in spotted. Each garage had probably 20/30 calls in SP. On top of that, each driver had about 5/6 calls assigned to them. This was every single garage that was in the effected area. So we had NO backup.

Towards the end of my day, we had actually stopped giving etas. Instead told the members we would arrive when we could. If a new call came in and you were at home, we weren’t servicing you because we had to focus on people out on the roads.

This member had placed a call before they said no more home service so she was still allowed to get service. I called her to tell her that right now, we don’t have an ETA but will arrive asap.

She wasn’t having it tho. Not about the wait. No, she understood that we were busy. She just wouldn’t accept that we didn’t have an eta for her. Her reasoning was that she’s called in the past and we’ve always been able to give her an ETA.

I explained that we’ve just been hit with a major storm so we’re a lot busier than we have been. But she didn’t care. She wasn’t hanging up until she got an ETa.

I said fine. It’s going to be at least 3/4hrs…..Nope…she asked for a supervisor. Why you ask? Because I didn’t place her on hold and call the garage for the ETA and Instead just MADE IT UP to get her off my line….

*Spotted(SP)=asigned to a garage but not to a driver *Garage=tow company

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