If $5 isn’t enough for the company to miss, why are you still begging for it?

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Context: I work at a call center for old people. This company has an auto-upgrade policy. If you go over your plan’s limit, then you get upgraded to the next plan instead of having overage fees. Customers can request to have this feature turned off.

Edit: forgot to mention that this is included in the wireless agreement everyone agrees to when starting the account. Most people never read that paperwork when it comes with the SIM or new phone.

I get this guy in my queue who is disputing his bill.

Guy: I shouldn’t have to pay for the upgraded plan since you didn’t tell me about it.

Me: Well, sir, I’d love to credit you the difference, but I cannot justify it to the company as you did use your new plan data after you automatically upgraded.

Guy: I know how the auto upgrade works, I’ve had to go through it before.

Me: Then since you know how the auto upgrade policy works, i will definitely be unable to provide you that credit today. We rely on the customer to watch their usage, even though we can provide alerts to assist. We have already disabled the auto upgrade feature at your request. Adding the fact that the data plan you were upgraded to was used and the fact that you are aware of the auto upgrade policy, I cannot provide a credit.

Guy: it’s only $5 difference, surely the company wouldn’t miss it, right?

Me: …sir this is company policy, even if it is $5.

(Honestly if my supervisor wasn’t such a stickler on credits I’d have given it to him to get him off my phone at this point)

This conversation repeats itself for about ten minutes, then:

Guy: I want to speak to a manager.

He proceeds to wait on hold for all of 2 minutes while I try to get a manager, and then hangs up.

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