“I gave a 0/10 because I didn’t feel supported” (Rant)

Okay this is just 100% a rant. But I was just checking my surveys from customers, and I had a survey come back as a 0/10.

The reason? She “didn’t feel supported into looking how her loan could benefit from this specific program.”

The problem is, she didn’t bring up this program (which I’ve never heard of, and had no luck finding anything on google about).

It was literally a 2 minute call. Authenticated customer. She asked me what her payoff amount was from a previous quote she generated. I let her know the amount. She thanked me and had no further questions when I asked.

Best part is, our surveys were broken for the first half of the month, so as of right now I have one for the month (they just got fixed yesterday) and it’s a 0/10.

All because I apparently was supposed to voluntarily offer a program that I have never heard (and I’m not entirely sure even exists) completely unprompted.

The only thing I could find that seemed even remotely similar to the program referenced in her complaint was just a regular refinance with a couple extra words before it.

And the notes on her account showed the reason she had a payoff quote generated was because she was refinancing with another lender. I didn’t even generate the quote for her. I was just confirming the amount.

People are the absolute worst.

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Sorry for the (in)Convenience.

Just need to get it out of my system, but of all the repeat callers my centre has, management decided to block the most harmless one and its effected my moral hard.