How do you guys cope when quitting is not an option?

I’ve been working in a call center for Bank of America for 3 years and saying I hate my job is an understatement. Every single day I get yelled at and cussed out over things I don’t get to decide on such as fees, check holds, etc.

It wasn’t so bad at first but there are so many things we have to micro-manage such as surveys and call times which management values more then the actual job of doing things the customer wants.

I’m so devastated and mentally exhausted that I would literally be dead than alive. Quitting is not really an option because of the income situation and the amount I make. I sob and worry to death ever day and I wish I could just die so I don’t have to live this miserable life and not worry about letting my family down. I can’t talk to any therapists because I can’t afford it. How do you guys cope?

I was dealt a shitty hand doing something that’s mentally killing me for a living. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I never knew how cruel people could be until I started working here and management doesn’t care, I’m just another number for surveys.

I don’t have any sick time or vacation time. I’m at my wits end..

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  1. I feel this to my core!! Now, that my company moved WFH it’s only worse! Sometimes I call the call in number and hang up when it goes to voicemail, to say I had a choice in clocking in that day. I also put pictures of my kids being silly around my desk that way when I’m cussed at, I can look at them and laugh (make sure your muted 😬) or remember that moment as it’s happening. Sounds stupid but they both help. I make too much and have spent to many years in my position to just leave.

  2. I know it’s hard. You are not suffering alone..We all (CSWorkers) are in the same boat. You have to “disconnect “. You don’t know those Asshole’s and they don’t know you. The job pays well but your mental health is worth more. I have the same problems as you. The pay makes me sta
    Y. Build up a thicker skin and don’t let them push you around. Ever hea
    Ted of being “Nice nasty”

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