Today was the last straw as the saying goes long rant sorry

So i work for a call center and it has been moved to sales pretty much. I thought hey i Will try it and see if i Can do it. I get through the training which was only 5 days kind of fast not a big deal. (Wish it was a little longer to feel better prepared) we get on the phones as you say and for the first few weeks i tried to find out who my supervisor was. They didn’t place us as of yet. So it was annoying that was the first. Then they put us in sales training in which that was not long enough either. Finally after that i found out who my sup was.

We started to have one on ones for only a few weeks, next thing i know I’m getting this email from a different supervisor saying I’m. On her team. I didn’t really get told i was being moved thought nothing of it just let it go. The first few weeks started Great with this new sup One on ones then it suddenly started to fall off where i am not getting one on ones anymore. All i am getting is messages in our chat what I am doing wrong. Also she has saying everyone needs to carry their luggage and get a sale makes me not want to go to work because if i don’t get sale that day i feel horrible: (. I have been trying and just found out I’m not a sales person.

Finally today she comes half way in listening to my phone calls as she usually does and i have done rapport with the customer start asking life questions. Some of my customers were highly mad so it is hard to do the rapport with them, but i really do try! Then one call she thought I was not helping the cm stating i was arguing with her when i wasn’t. The next thing i know before i could answer my supervisor back she told me i was on corrective action and i don’t change immediately that other steps Will be taken. I said okay and it will change she didn’t say anything else. I am just really annoyed Because i am not really getting my one on ones and i know I’m not a sales person so today i applied to 4 other jobs after crying really hard for a long time. Not trying to beat myself up here, but kind of hard when i feel like I’m being put down and not getting much help Sorry just had to rant

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