No you aren’t going to receive your items during a tropical storm.

Howdy folks I’m back with another story from my furniture call center job. As many of you know we recently had a tropical storm travel up the east coast of the US. During this I hit this gem of a customer.

C = customer M = me

M: thank you for calling __________.

C: i wanna know why my delivery was pushed back. It was supposed to be today but now it’s gonna be Monday.

M: i can look into that may I have your confirmation number?

C: yes it’s _________

M: ok I would need to call the warehouse to confirm but it’s probably due to the tropical storm warning in your area.

C: it’s not even raining and my neighbor got her furniture from “other store” today so why can’t you bring me mines.

M: like I said before I can reach out to the warehouse but it’s probably due to the tropical storm. Please hold.

C: hangs up while on hold.

I’m slowly starting to learn a lot of our customers are really entitled which means more stories for the sub. Also in case anyone asks the trucks get loaded with multiple orders at the same time so it wasn’t just hers that was delayed.

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