“Lispy b**ch”

I work for a certain home and body care company known for our psychotic customers. I’ve been working with this company since October of last year, but I’ve quickly progressed through the ranks and have access to nearly all of our systems (besides systems that require legal licensing). I can assist with more issues than almost all of our regular supervisors can.

I got this beautiful interaction this morning.

CB – Crazy “broad”

Me: Thank you for calling company. This is FatWhale speaking. How may I help you today?

Calling from anonymous number – Note: The anonymous numbers are always a great indication for disaster ahead

CB: I would like to speak to your manager.

Me: I assure you I would be more than happy to assist. May I ask why you are requesting a manager?

CB: I have a complaint. Get me a manager now.

Me: Again, I am more than able to assist with filing any complaints you may have!

CB: Will you just get me a f***ing manager?

Me: Absolutely! Do you mind holding briefly for 3-4 minutes while I see if any leaders are currently available to take your call? (I usually just send a message in teams just to say I’ll offer a call-back or see if I can convince them to let me assist them; I’m on a speciality team that can do MUCH more than nearly all of our supervisors).

CB: That’s not a brief hold, but ok. What’s their name?

Me: I apologize; I’m not sure which leaders are in today. If they are available to take your call, I will certainly introduce you before transferring you!

CB: Wow. Ok.

Literally just finishes up any cases I didn’t have time to complete while the customer is on hold

Me: Thank you for holding. Unfortunately, there is not a supervisor currently available to take your call. I can have a supervisor call you within 24-48 hours, would that be ok? *Normally they finally let me assist or demand a leader NOW.

CB: You’re a stupid f**ing bch. You sound like a r**ded child with a lisp. Stupid a* lispy b**ch. Learn how to talk.


Me: Well, f*** you too.

(I have a very sight lisp & I have a young sounding voice – I’m 21)

Really not THAT exciting, but getting called a lispy b**ch made me chuckle.

The rest of my customers today were pretty much all gems (even the guy that apparently had thrown product at a store associate right before he called us – – he didn’t mention that part). I’m a very calm & level-headed person, so interactions like this don’t even get to me a tiny bit. I quite enjoy my job.


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