Are every Call Center Manager / Team Leaders really awful?

My last job was in a call center, we worked as tier 1 support for a large company (bank).

Co-workers were fantastic, all extremely hard working talented people, best team I ever had…

But the Manager… holy moly…

What a pretentious, self absorbed, completely out of touch Grade-A Douchebag.

A literal bully who never uses a friendly tone, extremely condescending and zero empathy.

I could see him on his cellphone every single minute, sitting at his desk one hour per day at most, spend some time at our Starbucks equivalent and of course leave 2 hours before everyone else.

Asking us literally impossible objectives and looking down on us If we’re unable to achieve.

I wish I could say “he’s just following company policy” but it clearly was a case of a manager having awful leadership skills. Never it came out as “im with you, we’re a team! but my superiors are forcing my hand”.

I saw lots of model employees coming out in tears after a meeting with him… We even had a security guard around at one point because an ex-employee had sent a threat to the manager.

Our team leader wasn’t as bad, just constantly playing Candy Crush on his phone, checking the monitor to make sure we’re on calls… Arriving at work later, leaving earlier than everyone else. Also, always too “busy” to help an agent who has issues but plenty of time for coffee breaks with the manager.

I lost count of everyone who arrived and left while I was still working for that tyrant.

He had zero idea about our type of work, never did anything to help us reach our targets.

He even tried to turn my coworker against me while I was on sick days (open heart surgery) “Don’t you hate that OP has left while you work very hard?! He doesn’t care for the team!”

Is this the normal experience when working at a Call Center? How is he keeping his job with such a high turnover?!

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