All it takes is ONE caller to ruin your day

This customer from hell calls in pissed about her credit card. She had her information stolen and had fraudulent charges really adding up on her bill that she was insistent she wasn’t going to pay, and I’m with her to that end. I’ve personally experienced that and I wouldn’t with that on anyone, and I get how frustrating dealing with the aftermath of fraud can be.

She requests to close her account and rants about how she wouldn’t want to keep an account with a company who couldn’t stop the charges from going on her account and even pushing her over her established credit limit.

We have mandatory disclosures to read customers when closing accounts, so I read it. Then comes more ranting about “why would I want to keep this account open? Are you listening to what I’m telling you??”

So to clarify (and my hope was to slow down the ranting), I read the disclosure broken down for her and clarified that I had to read this disclosure in order to carry out her request. She agrees. Account is closed PER HER REQUEST.

She grows more hostile and rude throughout the call and I gave her a warning that the call was not moving in a productive direction and asked if she might have any last questions before we disconnect, and she asked to clarify if she’ll be getting a new card. Well, no, because she requested to close the account and accepted my disclosure which I’d read to her a couple of times a couple of different ways and straight up asked her if she accepted it which she did, so the account was CLOSED. I kindly let her know if she’d like to have this card again in the future, she could reapply at her convenience.

She starts yelling saying I don’t understand her, haven’t been listening etc., says I’m playing games, and wants a supervisor.

THANK GOD because I was done talking to her.

All it takes is one customer to ruin your day, one customer to make you want to just get up and quit.

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