Regular, Old Numbers

Old story from when my company launched a new online portal software for our clients. Cue LOTS of calls from older people having no idea how to step up their accounts.

Me: Alright ma’am, you’re going to need to create a username and password. You can just use the first part of your email address for your username to keep it easy, but your password should be unique to you.

Elderly Woman: Ok, I’ll do that. [keys in username and password] Do the letters have to be capitalized?

Me: The username is not case sensitive, but the password is. So if you have capitalized letters in your password, that will need to match when you log back in.

EW: Ok. Do the numbers have to be capitalized?

Me: Um, well you can if you’d like, but then you would be using the symbols on the keyboard instead of numbers.

EW: No, that’s not what I mean. Do the numbers have to be capitalized?

Me: A capital number?

EW: Yes. Like, do I need to make them big, or should they be lowercase?

Me: …no ma’am…just regular, old lowercase numbers are fine.

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