Lady gets upset that we "went behind her back"

This call just happened to one of my co-workers. Not to interesting but thought it was funny.

FYI: Garage = tow company

I work ERS as a dispatcher. One of our rules is that we don’t tow vehicles from repair shop to another repair shop unless the shop it’s at can’t fix or can’t fix it any time soon. A lot of people don’t like what the shop is charging so want to go some place else but that’s price shopping and not covered.

Well we had a call where it was at a dealership wanting to go to a different repair shop. The garage called the member to find out why it was going shop to shop but they didn’t answer. So the garage called the dealership and the dealer told them that the mbr didn’t like the price they were charging. So the garage called us and told us and we called the member to advise it wasn’t covered.

Well it turns out the members wife was the one that placed the call and she was upset that we “went behind her back and called the dealership” that we “ruined” it and she was on the phone with the dealership paying the current bill they had and that she’s not price shopping. She doesn’t want NEW parts used, she wants them to use used parts but dealers don’t use used parts. So she claims that just meant they CAN’T fix it….no. They CAN fix it, you just don’t like the cost they’re charging you and want something cheaper but because they can’t do cheaper you want to go somewhere else….that’s price shopping.

We told her we could tow her home but that we wouldn’t be towing it again after that and that we’re not taking it to another repair shop. So she’s now supposedly cancelling her membership with us.

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