If the truth is more expensive, then I shall lie. šŸ¤”

Him: Hello. I drive for Uber and they need a copy of my updated insurance documents. I don’t know why you guys haven’t sent me the new ones yet!

Me: You drive for Uber?

Him: Yes! Send me the policy documents over to my email. I need them now!

Me: Sure, I can definitely send that over. If your car is used for rideshare we do require higher liability limits. So in updating that you use the car for Uber we will have to update your coverages.

Him: Yes, sure, go ahead and do that.

Me: OK, in updating your vehicle use and giving you the required coverage that is going to increase your monthly rate by $42.

Him: $42 a month? I’m not paying an extra $42 a month!

Me: That is the required coverage for all vehicles used for Ride Sharing. And since you informed us that you drive for Uber, we do have to update that information.

Him: Oh… I don’t drive for Uber.

Me: I understand you don’t want your rate to go up, but we do have to update it with the accurate information.

Him: Uber? I don’t drive for Uber. So no need to change anything.

Me: Sir, you just told me 20 seconds ago that you drive for Uber.

Him: No…no no no I don’t drive for Uber. I used to drive for Uber, back in like 2019. Longggg time ago. I stopped due to the pandemic. You know, COVID really changes everything.

Me: You just told me on a recorded line that you drive for Uber. I understand you don’t want your rate to go up, but lying in order to get a lower insurance rate is a form of insurance fraud, and I’m sure that’s not your intention.

Him: I don’t drive for Uber! No no no no no. Don’t make any changes. I definitely don’t drive for Uber.

[Company policy is to take the customer’s word. If they say different things you have to go by the last thing they say. Which feels so bad to do, but that’s the procedure. Then you report the policy to the underwriting department who looks into it.]

Me: OK. If you say you don’t drive for Uber I won’t make the change. No change on the policy. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Him: Yeah…I do need a copy of my insurance documents.

Me: Oh that’s right, you need a copy of your insurance documents to send to Uber.

Him: I…no…

Me: Oh right, but you don’t drive for Uber. So I guess you don’t need those documents after all.

Him: I do need them.

Me: Sure. And what do you need them for?


Of course this kind of thing happens all the time. People say something, then when they find out that their rate will go up based on that information, they lie.

It does really amaze me though how people will change their story and then expect you to forget what they said 30 seconds ago- “I just bought a house! I want to update my address. My new address is….” The rates are more expensive in your new area. So in updating your address the rates will increase by $12/month. “Oh, I’m not moving. Don’t change it.” You just said you were moving to a new address. “No, I’m not moving. I’ve lived at the same place for 10 years. Why would I move?”


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