What difference does it make if I work at home Betty?

I don’t know about you guys but I get frequently asked if I work at home. Before covid, it was taboo bit people did it. My company discourages us not to tell people we are working from home but some places straight up tell you if they are. I don’t know why people freak out over us working from home. Your personal information is protected. I have put in 50 passwords just to get connected to my work network. My calls are still being listened too so I still have to be professional. The other day Betty comes at me with ” are you working from home or at an offic” I tell her at an office because it’s none of her business if I’m am. She goes on a tangent about something another agent did because they are working fr home. I got tired of it so I finally told her ” Ma’am regardless if they work from home, we should still help you and that has nothing to do with where they work”. She shut up afterwards.

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