Urban legend tried out.

As a call center employee, we’ve probably all heard the legend of the guy who basically turned a clients threats back at him in some crazy and imaginative way.

This story is actually not mine in a way. I used to work for a fairly large airline (got downsized almost 2 decades ago) in their call center for the call monitoring and evaluation department. Our job was essentially to listen to the call and determine whether the checklist of required actions was done and whether the client was well served. Honestly i hated it. Felt like a rat, essentially telling other people how to do a job i wasn’t doing.

So i’m listening in on a random call for an agent that just so happened to have give notice a week ago. Why was i listening to his calls? Don’t ask me the bosses gave me a list of names and i had to run them all down even if they had one foot out the door.

So the call is going really badly. The client wanted something to do with changing his flight schedule or something of the sort. ( sorry it’s vague, it’s been a while.) At one point the client starts swearing after the agent and the company venting every little frustration he had. I remember the client saying something about the agent and how he’d track him down and beat his ass unless the agent made him happy. At this point i was about to switch calls cause i knew this wouldn’t end well.

I may not remember everything about the call but the agents reaction is forever etched in my brain. He said: ” Sir, do you know my name? Do you know what i look like? Do you know what i’m capable of? No? Then shut the fuck up. Cause i know your name, your addresse. I also know where you’ll be travelling to and from. Now if i wanted to i could destroy you. The fact that i don’t show up at your door with a baseball bat to teach you some fucking manners is because i was raised right which is clearly not your case. So i’m gonna do the right thing,and wish you a good day.” And he hung up.

I froze after hearing those words. And my first thought was damn he is so fired, but right after that was he’s my hero. I got up, signaled my boss i’d be taking a break and then figured i’d swing by his desk see if he was ok. When i got there he was packing up hos stuff. He’d decided there and then that he wasn’t going to wait for his two weeks notice to be done. He was leaving right away.

Mike i don’t know where you are or what you ended up doing but to this day you are my hero.

Edit: fixing some minor grammar and spelling mistakes. Freaking mobile phone.

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