I could have been speaking with you this while time? Seriously?

We have an option where a customer can add a family member to discuss their account.

This gets utilised a lot. It can be fine.

And then there’s those callers who get added because of their self-proclaimed stellar problem solving skills (translation: shout at staff or just keep repeating themselves to try and get their way).

Then the account holder calls. And they’re an angel in comparison.

One particular conversation ended like this:

Them: This has been simpler than I expected.

Me: I’m glad to hear it.

Them: My partner spent a long time on the phone with you a few days ago.

I read the notes from colleagues and sees exactly what they’ve dealt with, time for tact.

Me: I can see they called us about [issue]. Has that now been resolved?

Them: Is that why they called you? We sorted that out in a few minutes before they even called.

Me: …….

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