You’re telling me I have to wear a mask to go to a doctor’s office?

Background: I work in a customer care center that works strictly with private clinics who have several locations. We typically schedule and cancel appointments, relay messages to the medical staff and give out directions. I work with a client that has several clinics that do dermatovenerology. Right now we have a lot of calls concerning COVID-19 protocols.

C- Customer

Me: Hello, this is loleetahaze with scheduling, how may I help you?

C: Hey, do I need to wear a mask to be seen by a dermatologist?

Me: Yes, ma’am. Our protocol states that-

C: Well, I don’t need to wear one. This is a free country.

Me: This is a protocol by the government, you cannot be seen without a mask on.

C: You can’t tell me what to do! I will pass out if I have to wear a mask for more than 15 minutes(I did pull up the chart as I always do with anyone calling. This person is 35, no health conditions). You might need to read up on some studies that say they are harmful.

Me: I am sorry you feel that way, ma’am, but as of right now we are not allowed to-

C: You’re not allowed to tell me what to do! So can I come to the appointment or not?

Me: Not without a mask no.

C: Fuck you then, I’m not coming.

But it doesn’t end there. She tried to come into the appointment, had no mask, front desk won’t let her in. Starts cursing them out, gets in the car and calls the customer care call center again and as my luck would have it, I picked up the call.

Me: Hello, this-

C: Are all of you fucking retarded over there?

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am?

C: I just came into my appointment and they won’t let me in.

Me: What seems to be the problem, ma’am?

C: They are making me wear a mask. You cannot make me do anything against my will! That is tyranny.

Me: Yes, but our protocols-

C: You know what, I’m going to call the department of health and call your superior, see how you like that, you little moron.

Me: It’s not a problem, ma’am. I will transfer you to the doctor’s office right now. (I pull up the chart, see her preferred doctor and transfer her)

So our dear patient discovered that if you play stupid games, you play stupid prizes. The doctor knew who she was as the front desk told him. He dropped her as his patient and barred her from the clinic. If I could get through to her, I would tell her that yes, the government can tell you what to do, not just wear a mask. Try speeding or drug possession or littering. And this shouldn’t be a government mandate, it should be you having some fucking empathy in a deadly pandemic, you uncultured sociopathic asswipe.

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