Why is my parcel not at my front door?

I’ll let the story speak for itself. Sometimes I can’t believe these people are real.

M = me, Cx = customer

M: Hello this is AdamLocke3922, how can I help you?

Cx: You can tell me why my parcel isn’t at my front door? It was a Christmas present for my son that I ordered before Christmas, and Wish promised me that the parcel would be here today. And they’re very pissed at you guys and are going to press charges.

M: Well we’re not beholden to a delivery date that a third party company gives you. Do you have a tracking number so I can check where the parcel is for you?

Cx: No I haven’t gotten it from them yet?

M: Okay, can I get your address?

Cx: Yeah it’s redacted

So I go use another piece of software to find the tracking for the parcel.

M: Okay, so I’ve got the tracking number here and I can see we’ve only received the manifest from the sender today, and haven’t actually physically received your parcel, so you’re looking at an EDD of three business days from now.

Cx: Well Wish is going to press charges against you guys because in their terms if the parcel doesn’t arrive on the day they say then they have to give me a refund.

M: Okay well you can go tell Wish to call us and they can certainly try to press charges against us.

Cx: Well if you’re going to be like that I’ll also press charges cause you’re fucking with my sons Christmas present, I sued the state government because I got cancer working for them. proceeded to go on an expletive laden rant that I don’t quite remember the particulars of

M: If you continue to be abusive I’ll hang up on you.

Cx: Hang up then!

M: Thank you, bye.

Dude never called back so I guess he must be speaking to a lawyer.

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