Why can’t people admit what they use?

Hello guys, I work for a water company in the UK and I just had this conversation for the millionth time.

Caller:Hi I was just calling in to see why my bill went up?

Me: well it looks like your usage increased last year, we are seeing this a lot because of everything going on at the moment. Did you start working from home?

Caller: no we weren’t working we were just sitting in the garden.

Me:(eye roll) we have here that there are 2 children at the property, where they home from school?

Caller: well year but they weren’t showering all the time.

Me: but they were home a lot more than normal.

Caller: yeah but they weren’t using water.

I got the customer to do a leak test because apparently no body in the house is allowed to use the water except for a weekly shower according to the caller and many others I have spoken to over the last year.

Yes water can be expensive and it’s a pain that we have to pay for something that is so basic for our survival but it is clean and delivered straight to our houses which is better than a lot of people get.

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