Transaction from the future?

I work for a paycard company from US, currently residing in the PH. So I got a call from Karen asking about her account.

Quick info: Karen had a job from this company last 2019, had an account and it was active for almost 2 months. Had transactions from nov 2019-Jan 2020.

here how it goes:

Karen: I just activated my card. why does it have transactions? I have this card for 2 months, never activated it until today. There is something wrong with this card. Why are there transactions. this is impossible.

Me: My apologies ma’am , let me look into your account for that. may you verify your card number to pull up your account?

K: You haven’t answered my question! why do I have transactions when I just activated my card?

M: That depends upon the situation. as you mentioned you had your card for 2 months but never activated it, our system might have sent you a check for the balance on your card. That’s why, may you verify your card number to pull up your account?

Karen give the number, verified her info.

M: Upon checking here, those transactions were made on the old card that you had last 2019, no transactions we’re made on the new card.

K: that’s impossible! I heard my transactions, it says 1.23$ on January 13, 13$ on January 12 (etc). there’s something wrong with this card! I just got back from my job.

(take note, today is January 10)

M: Ma’am, as you mentioned you got back from them, which you had an account before associated with them. those transactions that you heard was made on the old card that you had when you started a job with them.

K: No, I never had any card before, never did. somebody took my funds. there’s a deposit of 27.70$ last Dec 28. I need that back!

M: Ms, Karen, that deposit was made last Dec 28 of 2019, the transactions you heard was January of 2020, you can sign up for an online account to check it.

K. No! you’re wrong! this card has been used before I can activate it. You’re lying! I need my money back or I’m going to sue you!

M: Ma’am, may I know the date today?

K: It’s January 10

M: May I know the date of the last transaction you heard?

K: It’s January 13.

M: So ms. Karen, you mean you have a transaction in the future? It’s january 10 today then a transaction was made on January 13? so you see, you had a card before, the transactions you heard we’re from your old card when you had your first job from them last 2019. please sign up for an online account so that you can see it by yourself.

Karen hangs up.

rage: Seriously? how can you think that money has been deducted from the future? so 3 days from now the transaction already been made but you need to wait till jan. 13 to get your coffee at the vending machine?

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