this call honestly cracked me up

Rx department rep: I need you to send us the updated Rx record.

me: Alright I’ve done that.

customer: I never got my ID card either and I need plan documents as well.

me: So I’ve sent your mailing address to the carrier as well. Carrier, are you able to send out the ID card?

Rx department rep: I’m with the Rx department. I would have to get you over to Carrier.

customer: Starts getting exasperated.

me: Ok that’s fine, she’ll get us over to the right person.

Rx department rep: Cold transfers customer and me to the carrier IVR.

customer: Thinking she’s gotten disconnected from us both, she tells the IVR that she needs help with her prescriptions.

IVR: Transfers her to the carrier’s Medicaid department.

Medicaid department rep: Explains to customer that her call was incorrectly transferred.

Medicaid department rep: Cold xfers again to the IVR.

Customer: Tells the IVR to get her prescriptions fixed.

IVR: Xfers to the Rx department.

Customer: I need my Rx fixed and I need my ID card.

Rx Rep: You’ve reached the RX department. The carrier issues the ID cards.

Rx Rep: Cold transfers to carrier IVR and call somehow gets xferred to the carrier.

Carrier Rep: How can I help you?

Customer: I need my prescription fixed and I need my ID card as well.

Carrier: 7-minute delay.

Carrier: If I send you your ID card today, it would take 10-13 days for you to receive it. Would you like me to send you your ID card?

Customer: How else am I going to get it?

Customer: I need a supervisor.

Carrier: Another 7-minute delay or so.

Carrier Supervisor: Joins the line.

Customer: Explains the issue.

Carrier Supervisor: Sends ID card, Verbally authenticates Rx coverage with local pharmacy.

Carrier Supervisor: We still need to set up your mail order coverage.

Carrier Supervisor: Xfers to mail order Rx number.

Mail Order Rep: I need your billing information.

Customer: You never got that information from my old Rx provider?

Mail Order Rep: No.

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